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2022 Dental Front Desk Training Checklist

Your dental practice’s success depends on having the highest possible level of organization. While there is much more to the task flow of the front desk — this is a good place to start for training.

Infection Control Checklist

Use this checklist to assess your compliance with the expected infection prevention practices and provide feedback to your DHCPs regarding performance.

Dental Infection Control Checklist

HIPAA Email Security Reminder

Defending your dental practice against phishing emails or a cyber attack is of course absolutely critical, but what steps can you take to protect your data and business?

HIPAA Email Security

Transferring Records Reminder

It’s imperative that you have the required permissions to release any or all of a patient’s dental records before duplicating and transferring records. This is critical to ensuring the confidentiality of the protected health information (PHI) that the document contains.

Transferring Dental Records

Dental Patient Selection & Evaluation Team Talk

In this team talk, we discuss the importance of pre-treatment evaluations of your patients as they arrive for your care.

Dental Patient Selection

2022 OSHA Checklist For Dental Practices

Walk through your practice step-by-step and resolve any issues before an inspection. Knowing what can trigger an OSHA inspection can help you predict the likelihood of one taking place as well as dramatically reduce the probability that you’ll get any large fines.

2022 OSHA Checklist For Dental Practices

Basic Expectations of Safe Care for Dental OSHA

We like things uncomplicated here at Done Desk. So today, let’s talk about the 8 Basic Expectations of Safe Care for Dental OSHA. We’ll be covering an insider’s look into the 20 training PDFs released by the CDC which you can find on their website. All supporting documents are available on the DOH website.

Basic Expectations of Safe Care for Dental OSHA

Dental PPE Management & Disposal

Everyone’s responsibility — for everyone’s safety! Get the Dental PPE Management and Disposal reminder for admins and employees to hang in your practice.

Dental PPE Management and Disposal

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