Assign pre-built tasks to your team & create your own.

A task management software built just for dental practices like yours. Get tasks Done with Done Desk.

Dental Tasking
Let Anyone accomplish more with Done Desk.

Let Anyone accomplish more with Done Desk.

Our pre-built Task Library gives you a list of what you need to do to be in compliance and how to do it — so anyone in your practice can accomplish more.

Create a custom "how to" task ONCE and let it train your folks for you — forever.

Automate your Practice's to-do lists.

Create custom tasks that teach and set standard processes to autopilot.

Simplify inconvenient, repetitive tasks. Example? Take the guesswork out your all your teams' processes by assigning all your Assistants' daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly tasks in one go — then let them get it all Done with Done Desk.

Centralize your Practice's to-do lists.
Employee Productivity.

Set repetitive clinic tasks on auto-pilot.

Task and Train! Equip your employees with the bite-sized skills they need with built-in instructional videos, training checklists and PDFs, and more.

Assign multi-location compliance tracks in one click with Task Tracks.

Then, receive automatic alerts on the most crucial compliance Tasks you’re required to get Done at each of your locations every year.

Spot road blocks before they arise, visualize team capacity in one place, and proactively resolve risks.

Get reports on productivity by connecting what needs to get done to who's knocking it out. Then get automatic reminders when it's time to do it again.

Assign multi-location compliance tracks in one click with Task Tracks.
Baked-In Dental Compliance.

Baked-In Dental Compliance Included.

Done Desk Tasks let you assign one-time tasks for anything that needs to get done across your organization, reorganize and reassign tasks with ease, and shows how work processes connect to compliance.

Our Happy Partners & Clients.

“I use Done Desk to take the guesswork out of running Brush 365’s multiple offices! As the office manager, the platform keeps us efficient with employee files, onboarding, and the array of compliance regulations. Done Desk allows me to focus my time on the most important part of my role… leading my people!

The value of this platform simply cannot be underestimated.”

— Michelle Akins

Director of Operations @ Brush 365

“I had literally been searching for something like Done Desk for over 5+ yrs.

One of the most impressive things about Done Desk is the team. I greatly appreciate using a product where the founder is open & appreciative of feedback. How rare is that? And the communication goes two ways – with my feedback, they let me know the direction of growth they are focused on. In addition, the Done Desk team is exceptionally responsive, often within minutes of questions I have and this makes all the difference in the world.”

— Dr. Jacqueline Demko

Demko Orthodontics

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Not just for Tasks.

See the other cool things Done Desk can help you with.

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Integrated LMS allowing you to create and upload content or choose from our vast library of our pre-built training seamlessly.


Your Office Documents

A centralized, automated document hub to upload, organize, and securely let folks sign documents.

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Tasks & Task Tracks

Create To-dos or choose from a library of Tasks that teach your folks how to complete the work — then assign across your organization.


Done Desk for DSOs

Track adherence across multi-locations and quickly identify areas of non-compliance. Standardize your practices.

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Get all the basics Done day one.

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Feeling inspired?

Start today.

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Done Desk Key Features:

Built-in and Customizable LMS
Customizable Doc Hub + SignableDocs
Built-in and Customizable Tasking
Insights & Alerts
Multi-Location Management
Automate Your Onboarding

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