Access pre-made dental training content & create your own.

A learning management system (LMS) built just for dental practices like yours. Get training Done with Done Desk.

pre-built dental training content
Dental Learning Paths: What are they and how do they help manage Dental Compliance

Customizable Training Tracks.

Our LMS allows you to create personalized training and onboarding experiences that run automatically.

Assign essential training day one with Done Desk’s pre-built content.

Kick-start your training ROI with our library of Federally-required courses like OSHA, HIPAA, and CE- so you can ensure immediate productivity assigning AGD Pace certified courses with Done Desk’s turnkey content library.

Start assigning basic training day one with your pre-build content library.
Build your training to scale with your business.

Build your training to scale with your business.

Upskill clinical employees using custom role-based learning, build automated onboarding custom to your unique locations, and so much more with scalable, customizable training programs. Upload your personalized training to ensure consistency across your team.

Our Happy Partners & Clients.

“I use Done Desk to take the guesswork out of running Brush 365’s multiple offices! As the office manager, the platform keeps us efficient with employee files, onboarding, and the array of compliance regulations. Done Desk allows me to focus my time on the most important part of my role… leading my people!

The value of this platform simply cannot be underestimated.”

— Michelle Akins

Director of Operations @ Brush 365

“I had literally been searching for something like Done Desk for over 5+ yrs.

One of the most impressive things about Done Desk is the team. I greatly appreciate using a product where the founder is open & appreciative of feedback. How rare is that? And the communication goes two ways – with my feedback, they let me know the direction of growth they are focused on. In addition, the Done Desk team is exceptionally responsive, often within minutes of questions I have and this makes all the difference in the world.”

— Dr. Jacqueline Demko

Demko Orthodontics

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