Topic: Office Manager Development

Planning and Execution: Establishing Plans Part 2

Successful managers know how to establish effective plans and develop effective processes. They also know how to set up processes that carry out those plans. Effective leaders begin the planning process with the organization's vision and goals and end up with specific plans to achieve these goals.

We have all been guilty at some point or another of analysis paralysis. Taking action can seem particularly hard when you're facing many moving parts. While some amount of planning, preparation, and deliberation is important, the reality is that taking action - even small ones - will have a compounding effect to carry you through the big decisions and plans. Sometimes the reality is that done is better than perfect.

White Paper Overview:

  1. Identifying specific action steps and accountabilities
  2. Balancing planning efforts with day-to-day demands
  3. Involving others in planning and coordinating across work units
Dental Office Manager Training

Like this White Paper? Make sure you check out Part 1 where we covered:

  • Understanding your organization's strategic vision
  • Translating strategy into specific goals & objectives to support your organization's vision
  • Preparing Plans

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