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Do I need an OSHA/HIPAA manual in my practice? How often do I need to update it?

Yes! Our team of experts will review your manual and guide you with best practices for keeping your manual updated.

What signage do I need in my practice?

Compliance includes having the right signs posted in your office and having the correct labeling on chemicals within the practice. Our experts will walk you through a checklist of must-haves and provide you with what you need to complete the process.

Does everyone on my team need OSHA/HIPAA Training?

Yes! All working personnel within the office need annual training in both OSHA and HIPAA federal and state guidelines. Done Desk not only delivers the training annually but also tracks each team member’s status and post-course certificates.

Do you provide the training required for dental in each state?

Yes, we've got state and federal training and document requirements! They are included at no extra cost. Our course library comes with those required, plus additional compliance and CE courses.

Do you provide live training?

We sure do! One office or 1000 people. We've trained them. Want to book live training? Reach out!

Can you help me track my compliance?

Yes. We track and reassign/schedule training to make sure you are never out of compliance as well as keeping your team’s certificates of completion on file and up to date.

How can I make sure I am ready for an OSHA Audit?

As part of our onboarding, we perform a full assessment of your practice and provide a checklist to implement. We also provide the team training required by Federal OSHA standards to ensure your team is educated and prepared. Our goal with a partnership is to ensure your practice and people are prepared for an unexpected OSHA audit and could pass with flying colors.

Can I get help with HR questions and issues specific to my practice?

We have a team of experts who can dig into pain points in your practice and help create a new culture within your workforce.

I don’t know what documentation I need from a new hire.

Collecting the right documentation can get tricky. Our team can help you customize a document group for new hires and specialty hires like contractors and doctors.

Can you help me as a start-up business?

Starting a practice can come with a long list of action items. Our team is fully equipped to help you get through each phase of starting a new practice.

What insurances do I need to start a practice?

Our team of experts can review your current policies and discuss your options for additional or needed coverage.

OSHA training requirements for dental offices?

Training for licensed dental staff (dentists/hygienists) for OSHA is required annually per federal guidelines.

How do you become an OSHA dental compliance officer?

There are a lot of different types of roles that ascribe to this description, but overall the job is simply to help maintain a safe work environment.

Because of this, it's difficult to give a single direction on a specific path to take.

For an entry-level position, you should definitely have a thorough understanding of all the dental OSHA regulations. Practices are really looking for interpersonal skills in this area as well. It’s one thing to have the knowledge, it’s another to be able to use it and help lead a team and inspire others to take action!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but most organizations are currently looking for entry-level employees with a bachelor’s degree in environmental or occupational health and science or an engineering or science-related field.

Taking several safety-focused CE courses would be a great place to begin!

We also suggest expressing your interest to your Office Manager or Practice Owner, as we're sure they'd be elated to have someone focusing on these things!

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