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Log all your crucial documents so everyone has visibility on what they need to do their best work — all while making your training super accessible, accountable, and easy to self-serve.


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Requirements for maintaining dental water lines
Dental unit waterlines promote bacterial growth and development of biofilm due to the presence of long narrow-bore tubing, inconsistent flow rates, and the potential for retraction of oral fluids. Dental health care personnel and patients could be placed at risk of adverse health effects if water is not appropriately treated.
Requirements for maintaining dental water lines
Universal Response to Worker Displacement Template
Plan A is always that the hired individual can complete their work normally — No one wants Plan A to fail — but having a strong plan B in place is the best way to be prepared for any situation. With a solid role contingency plan, you can effectively respond if the role is dropped and get back on track as quickly as possible.
Universal Response to Worker Displacement Template
Dental Infection Control Checklist
Use this checklist to assess your compliance with the expected infection prevention practices and provide feedback to your DHCPs regarding performance.
Dental Infection Control Checklist
Dental Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist
Learn how to do a monthly fire extinguisher inspection in your practice. Employers are required by law to have the portable fire extinguishers visually inspected monthly. Failure to comply can lead to penalties and puts the employees and the workplace in serious risk in the event of an incident.
Dental Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist

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