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Office compliance, employee training and onboarding, CE document tracking, automating compliance and training programs, and effective HR operations — get it done with Done Desk.

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The extra discipline you’ve been waiting for to deliver quality healthcare and produce consistent results.

Done Desk was built after working with hundreds of medical entrepreneurs and their teams. Every Done Desk feature has an application in your medical practice and can help you spend effective time managing your business so you can get back to medicine.

Compliance with OSHA & HIPAA

Track Office Compliance
Practice Management Library
Track BLS, Licenses, and CE
Build Custom Courses

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Mari's List Vendor

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“I use Done Desk to take the guesswork out of running Brush 365’s multiple offices! As the office manager, the platform keeps us efficient with employee files, timekeeping, onboarding, and the array of compliance regulations. Done Desk allows me to focus my time on the most important part of my role… leading my people!

The value of this platform simply cannot be underestimated.”

Michelle Akins, Director of Operations

— Michelle Akins

Director of Operations @ Brush 365

“I had literally been searching for something like Done Desk for over 5+ yrs.

One of the most impressive things about Done Desk is the team. I greatly appreciate using a product where the founder is open & appreciative of feedback. How rare is that? And the communication goes two ways – with my feedback, they let me know the direction of growth they are focused on. In addition, the Done Desk team is exceptionally responsive, often within minutes of questions I have and this makes all the difference in the world.”

— Dr. Jacqueline Demko

Demko Orthodontics

Don’t Have Done Desk, But Looking For Medical CE?

Done Desk EDU is an active healthcare learning platform hosted by experts in practice management, OSHA and HIPAA employee training and compliance, risk management, and teams’ development.

On-Line & On-Demand

CE Anytime, Anywhere. Learn at times that work for you. We have many courses you can take at your own pace.

Live Monthly Webinars

OSHA, HIPAA, Risk Management CE, and more. Jump into our standing monthly training courses.

done desk edu

Covid-19 Compliance For Medical Offices

Done Desk provides expert resources and training to help you establish, and maintain, your COVID-19 compliance disciplines. CDC guidelines, OSHA, HIPAA, infection control, and employee awareness are all at the forefront of practice ownership. We help you train your people, keep them trained, and organize your training records.

Establish Process

Establish your COVID-19 practice protocols that are specific to your practice and store your documentation in Done Desk.

Active Training

Notify your team of updates to your program in real-time with active notices through the Done Desk platform.

Engage Your Team

Keep your people informed on CDC regulations, OSHA protocols, and the steps to keep the team safe.

Records Retention

Stay organized with employee training histories so regulatory agencies can see you’re on top of training requirements.

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