Dental Front Desk Training

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Train new Dental Front Desk employees with this 70-section, full-scale training course that teaches essential skills and knowledge required to perform various administrative tasks as a dental front desk professional — including appointment scheduling, patient communication, insurance verification, billing and collections, and record-keeping.


Section 1:

Dental Basics + Definitions

Section 2:

Business Processes & Patient Interactions

Section 3:

Procedures & Paperwork

Section 4:

HIPAA Compliance

Section 5:

Insurance & Billing Practices

Section 6: Housekeeping & Emergencies

dental front desk Insurance knowledge

Section 1: Part 1

In This Section: Introduction, Common Dental Practice Workflows, Common Dental Office Policies, How And Why Dental Practices Invest Money In The Business, Revenue Flow In A Dental Practice

Section 1: Part 2

In This Section: Treatment Processes, Common Issues That Disrupt Patient Flow, Key Roles and Responsibilities For Optimal Patient Flow, The Essential Duties of The Front Desk Role, Key Factors of a Successful Front Desk Employee

Section 1: Part 3

In This Section: Key Components of Effective Communication Skills, Communication Adaptability, Greeting Patients in the Practice, Telephone Etiquette

Section 1: Part 4

In This Section: Professional Email Correspondence, What To Expect in a Dental Morning Huddle, Key Elements of a Morning Huddle, Getting Organized and Staying Organized, Key Elements of Excellent Organizational Skills, More

Section 2: Part 1

In This Section: How to Take a Good Message, Phone Calls in Front of Patients: Who Get’s Answered First, Greeting Patients, Making a Great First Impression with Patients, Walk-In Patients: Policies and Tips for How to Handle Walk-Ins

Section 2: Part 2

In This Section: Handling Walk-in Salesmen, Patient Check-In and Check-Out Processes, Customer Service Basics, How To De-Escalate Situations, Asking for Referrals and Reviews

Section 2: Part 3

In This Section: Appointment Scheduling & Block Scheduling Practices

Section 3: Part 1

In This Section: Opening Procedures And Closing Procedures, New Patient Paperwork, Updating Existing Dental Patient Paperwork, Elements Of A Complete Patient Dental Record

Section 3: Part 2

In This Section: Basics Of A Patient’s Medical Record, Privacy Of Patient Medical Records, Dos And Don'ts Of Handling Patient Records, How To Call A Specialist, Dental Practice Management Software

Section 4: HIPAA

HIPAA for the Dental Front Desk (does not satisfy annual HIPAA training requirements): In This Section: What Is HIPAA, Notice Of Privacy Practices, Patient Records & The Importance Of Proper Patient Record keeping, How To Handle Patient Records Requests, HIPAA Training For Details On Your Obligations

Section 5: Part 1

In This Section: The Financial Coordinator Role, Insurance Verification And Billing, What Is Dental Insurance, Dental Insurance Verification Process, Common Dental Insurance Terms, Recording Dental Insurance Information, Taking Payments, MORE

Section 5: Part 2

In This Section: Typical Dental Insurance Claims Filing Process, Tips For Communicating With Patients About Their Benefits, Fee Schedules Explained, Appealing An Insurance Company Decision, MORE

Section 6

In This Section: Office Safety And Housekeeping, A Clean Front Of House, Checklist To Help Maintain A Clean Front Office In A Dental Practice, Handling Emergencies, The Importance Of Data - Metrics, Etc.

Section 1

Dental Basics + Definitions

Section 2

Business Processes & Patient Interactions

Section 3

Procedures & Paperwork

Section 4

HIPAA Compliance

Section 5

Insurance & Billing Practices

Section 6

Housekeeping & Emergencies

This dental front office training course is designed to provide comprehensive training to individuals seeking to work as dental front desk professionals. The course will cover essential skills and knowledge required to perform various administrative tasks at a dental office, including appointment scheduling, patient communication, insurance verification, billing and collections, record-keeping, and more dental receptionist training topics.

Beginning with an overview of the dental industry, including an introduction to dental terminology and basic dental procedures — the course continues to cover managing patient records, maintaining accurate patient information in electronic health records (EHR) systems, understanding how to handle patient inquiries, scheduling appointments, and using appointment scheduling software.

In addition, students will learn how to verify dental insurance eligibility, process insurance claims, and manage billing and collections.

The course will also cover communication skills such as active listening, effective speaking, and handling difficult patient situations.

Students will also learn about the basics of HIPAA regulations and how to ensure the confidentiality and security of patient information.

dental front desk Customer service skills
dental Front desk operations
dental front desk Professional development

Course Prerequisites

There are no formal prerequisites for this course. However, basic computer skills are recommended.

Students should also have a high school diploma or equivalent.

A Training Program For The Dental Front Desk

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