Somewhere between San Antonio and Dallas, our founder — Cary Smith — was on his way to meet with a dentist who was starting a new practice to help answer one critical question:

“What do I need to be in compliance?“

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For 10 years, Cary and our team have been helping doctors answer this question. We have been guiding doctors in their business insurance and malpractice programs as a key first step in compliance and risk mitigation.

Through personalized CE course creation we added another layer of compliance by training dentists and their teams in OSHA & HIPAA and infection control standards. However, the same question kept arising:

How do I keep all this

compliance stuff straight?”

While traveling to help at over 200 dental practices across the US to train on Compliance and Risk Mitigation, Cary came up with the idea to build a full compliance platform that handles the complexity of compliance for all medical and dental practices.

Enter: Done Desk

In six short months, Cary pulled together a team of HR and compliance experts and built a software to support doctors, office managers, and employees in their journey to run a compliant practice.

Which brings us to today — where hundreds of dental and medical practices rely on Done Desk for training expertise, compliance and HR courses, and coaching advice all on a single platform to keep back office operations simplified.
All the while, adding on average four days back in time into every office manager’s month by creating a repeatable system of accountability and consistency amongst staff and ownership.
That's Done Desk — we're meant to bring you uncomplicated, everything-in-one-place performance so you can get back to medicine.
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Why Choose Done Desk?

30+ Built-in Training Courses

Provide your people with an HR tool that can integrate them into your team from day #1. Plus, upload and track your own training courses and content for seamless learning experiences.

Employee Records

It’s important that HR technologies empower employees’ management of their benefits, pay, and personal information while also promoting engagement. A system like Done Desk’s reduces the administrative burden on your HR team and gives your practice a seamless employee experience.

Customized, Expert HR Coaching

There are many intricacies to HR policies, procedures, and compliance. In order to keep up, sometimes you need a bit of extra help. Understanding the rules, laws, and requirements can be both a challenge and a time sink so that's where we step in. Tap into our expert systems for consistency, scalability, and development.

Compliance Coaching

An active learning platform, hosted by experts, covers practice management, compliance, risk management, and employee development. Establish and maintain your COVID-19 compliance disciplines. CDC guidelines, OSHA, HIPAA, infection control, and employee awareness.

Customizable Learning Tracks & CE Courses

Comprehensive compliance programs are offered live or on-demand through a customized training system! Using the most up-to-date federal and state laws for the industry, our courses aim at educating both the doctor and their employees on their roles in mitigating risk around the office.

Risk Management

Compliance risk can pose a threat to your practice’s financial, organizational, and reputational standing — and in a world where regulation is only increasing and there’s a growing burden of reporting that must be taken care of — the ability to track compliance is key to keeping your practice in good standing.


Done Desk helps you predict where risks may arise and actively work with you to select insurance programs that will take care of your practice. Using our network of providers, our experts find and negotiate a tailored coverage plan that brings extreme value and protects the revenue of your unique practice by making informed decisions on your risk management plan.

Library of Document Templates

Over 300 Practice management document templates can be sourced to make your own practice process come to life. Handbook template, HR hiring guides, termination checklists, emergency preparedness guides, and more. With a user-friendly tool, you don’t need years of HR training or experience to streamline HR processes.

Employee Testing

Pre-hire drug testing and criminal background screening are great ways to manage employment-related risks. Our program combines national criminal and county-level criminal searches, education, and employment verifications, and licensing checks; along with substance abuse testing to screen for potential candidate issues.

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