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Dental Compliance Focused

Done Desk is designed for Dentists. Tasking is too.

Mobile Tasking

Take Tasks on-the-go.

Get it Done anywhere.

Task Library

Off-the-shelf dental compliance Tasks.

Hey there, Practice Manager.

Done Desk Tasks are easy as 1-2-3!

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#1 "I Need Help"

Dental office managers are busy — to say the least! Get more done by delegating and browsing common compliance tasks and workflows.

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#2 Assign A Task

You're minutes away from sending a to-do to anyone in your practice! Assign essential tasks to your team.

Exploring The Extensive Done Desk Library of Dental Courses
#3 See The Task Get Done

Now, sit back and watch things flow — get reports on employee productivity and watch as our automation keeps you in compliance.

The Employee's Tasking Flow

Receive A Task

Get alerts and take tasking on-the-go with your mobile device.

Learn What To Do

Tasks are more than just a to-do list — learn how with videos, PDFs, and more!

Get It Done!

Check & check! When you're done, your admin can see your progress real-time.

TIP: Set up automatic notifications to remind employees of impending deadlines and compliance requirements!

Done Desk Task Tracks

Connect what needs to get done, track when it’s time to knock it out, and learn how to do it with Done Desk Task Tracks.

  • Employee OSHA Coordinator Track
  • Admin HIPAA Cybersecurity Task Track
  • Infection Control Coordinator Task Track
  • MORE
Employee OSHA Coordinator Track

Empower your employees to efficiently monitor and oversee various OSHA-related responsibilities.

OSHA coordinators can track the progress of assigned tasks, ensuring that they are completed on time and in accordance with OSHA regulations.

Use Tasks to maintain comprehensive records of compliance efforts, which can be invaluable in case of audits or inspections!

Admin HIPAA Cybersecurity Task Track

Designed to facilitate and streamline the management of cybersecurity tasks and compliance requirements.

This track enables admins to assign cybersecurity-related tasks for safeguarding patient data and ensuring HIPAA compliance. HIPAA coordinators and IT professionals can closely monitor the progress of assigned tasks, ensuring that cybersecurity measures are consistently implemented and maintained.

Track comprehensive documentation of HIPAA compliance efforts, which is vital for demonstrating compliance to auditors and regulatory authorities.

Infection Control Coordinator Task Track

A specialized system designed to streamline and enhance the management of infection control tasks.

Automated notifications and alerts can be set up to remind healthcare personnel of important infection control tasks, training requirements, and updates to protocols. Track the education and training of staff on infection control practices, ensuring that all employees are up-to-date on the latest compliance requirements.


Explore more Task Tracks and learn how to build your own in a Done Desk Demo!

Organize, prioritize, and accomplish work — like you’ve never seen before.

Standardize your practice and get more done with Tasks — designed for the modern Dentist's challenges and goals.

Keep Priorities In Order

Set deadlines and automatic reminders to build good compliance habits. Let your team see how work connects to goals, so y'all can focus on the highest-impact tasks.

Baked-In Dental Compliance

Receive automatic alerts on the most crucial compliance Tasks you’re required to get Done each year. Spot road blocks before they arise, visualize team capacity in one place, and proactively resolve risks.

Create Your Own To-Do List — Or Grab Pre-Made Tasks From The Done Desk Task Library

Create and organize Tasks in seconds so you always know what to focus on next. Invest the time to create a "how to" task ONCE and let it train your folks for you — forever. Then, track progress towards goals and help your team prioritize.

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Discover Tasks Use Cases

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Employee Onboarding

Dr. Patel just hired 5 new staff members — she might have a few hours here and there, but certainly not enough time to train and onboard all these new folks... if only she had a way to set up automatic employee onboarding and training so she never had to worry about getting it done again.

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Dental OSHA Compliance

Nellie is a bright, young Office Manager — with a few years' experience under her belt, she knows her basics but what about all the components of OSHA besides annual employee training? She needs a system that can tell her WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and HOW to get it done.

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Processes & Systems

Taylor just graduated Dental School and is opening their very first practice this year. (Congrats, Taylor!) They have nothing in place to build a strong foundation for their daily, weekly... or annual compliance and employee workflows. Taylor needs a platform that'll help them get all the basics done without being overwhelming, then grow along with their practice.

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Hear from our awesome partners!

“I use Done Desk to take the guesswork out of running Brush 365’s multiple offices! As the office manager, the platform keeps us efficient with employee files, timekeeping, onboarding, and the array of compliance regulations. Done Desk allows me to focus my time on the most important part of my role… leading my people!

The value of this platform simply cannot be underestimated.”

Michelle Akins, Director of Operations

— Michelle Akins

Director of Operations @ Brush 365

“I had literally been searching for something like Done Desk for over 5+ yrs.

One of the most impressive things about Done Desk is the team. I greatly appreciate using a product where the founder is open & appreciative of feedback. How rare is that? And the communication goes two ways – with my feedback, they let me know the direction of growth they are focused on. In addition, the Done Desk team is exceptionally responsive, often within minutes of questions I have and this makes all the difference in the world.”

Dr. Jacqueline Demko Demko Orthodontics

— Dr. Jacqueline Demko

Demko Orthodontics

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