6 Dental LMS Use Cases to Inspire How To Get It Done

Dental LMS Use Cases

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Dental office training solutions

Sunshine Dental Group was struggling to find comprehensive training materials that covered all aspects of dental practice management. With Done Desk's LMS, they gained access to an extensive pre-built library of courses covering topics such as clinical procedures, office administration, and patient communication.

This allowed them to quickly onboard new staff members and provide ongoing training without the need for extensive content creation. Now, Sunshine Dental Group can confidently ensure that their team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver exceptional patient care.


Golden Tooth Dental Care operates multiple locations, each with its own unique set of staff roles and responsibilities. Done Desk's LMS enabled them to create customized Learning Tracks for each location, grouping together relevant courses based on job roles and responsibilities.

This streamlined their training process, ensuring that each team member receives targeted training that aligns with their specific job requirements. By implementing role-based Learning Tracks, Golden Tooth Dental Care has improved employee engagement and performance across all their locations.

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Cottonwood Family Dentistry was spending significant time and resources on manual onboarding processes for new hires.

Done Desk's LMS revolutionized their onboarding process by automating key tasks such as new employee orientation, policy acknowledgment, and compliance training.

With automated onboarding workflows in place, Cottonwood Family Dentistry can onboard new hires quickly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional patient care from day one.

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Pearls Dental Associates struggled to keep track of staff certifications and training requirements, leading to compliance issues and potential risks to patient safety. Done Desk's LMS provided them with a centralized platform to manage certifications and training records for all their employees.

The automated reminder feature ensures that staff members receive timely notifications when certifications need to be renewed or training is due. With Done Desk's certification management system in place, Pearls Dental Associates can maintain compliance with industry regulations and accreditation standards effortlessly.

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Shore Smiles Dental Group operates multiple dental practice locations in different states, each with its own set of regulatory requirements and training needs. Done Desk's LMS allowed them to customize training programs for each location, ensuring compliance with state-specific regulations and standards.

By delivering location-specific training, Shore Smiles Dental Group can address the unique challenges and requirements of each practice while maintaining consistency and quality across the entire organization.

Empowering Startup Dental Practices:

A Success Story with Done Desk's LMS

Meet GRIN Dental, a modern, startup dental practice embarking on their journey in the dental industry. As new owners, Dr. G, his wife the office manager, and their team were eager to establish the practice but faced numerous challenges, including facility setup, team hiring, and compliance management.

With the clock ticking and the opening date looming, Grin Dental turned to Done Desk's LMS for assistance. Leveraging our existing library of pre-built courses and instructions, they quickly implemented training programs covering essential topics such as infection control, patient communication, and practice management.

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Even before their doors officially opened, Grin Dental was able to start training their team using Done Desk's LMS.

With courses tailored to their specific needs and roles, employees received the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their positions. Whether it was onboarding new hires or providing ongoing education, Done Desk's platform made training hassle-free and efficient.

Today, Grin Dental is thriving, thanks in part to the support they received from Done Desk's LMS. By addressing training and compliance management early on, they built a strong foundation for success and empowered their team to deliver exceptional patient care.

As they continue to grow and expand their practice, we're here as their trusted partner in training and development.

learning management system for dental offices

A Dental Learning Management System That Trains Your People.

Designed specifically for dental practices, Done Desk's LMS is your one-stop solution for comprehensive staff training, compliance management, and practice optimization.

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