Dental Employee Onboarding

How to Kick Ass and Take Names with your Dental Employee Onboarding

Dental Employee Onboarding feel like a Snooze-Fest? You just don’t have the time— let’s break down the first 8 things to think about to prep for automating new employee onboarding in your new LMS.

Dental Employee Onboarding


Choose one process that needs help now. Don't scope out your whole plan yet. You're going to learn a lot during your first content sprint.

Before diving into automation, take a step back and decide which training process needs to be automated now. You're going to choose a topic and ideate your training plan from there.

Okay? Let's go with a narrow scope of "Dental Employee Onboarding: Day 1"

After that- we can think about Day 2, but we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves.


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Map Out Your Process.

Alrighty, let's think about what we need. Next, map out your current Dental Employee Onboarding process. Identify each step involved, from paperwork and training to orientation and team introductions. Understanding your existing workflow will help you identify areas for improvement and automation.

In our example, we'll break it down to:

Typical Dental Employee Onboarding Day 1:

  • Full Office Tour
  • Our Handbook and Guidlines Office Manager's 1:1
  • Intro to Their Role & Meeting Key Co-staff
  • Key Processes and Expectations


Identify Pain Points.

Take a hard look at your current Dental Employee Onboarding process and identify any pain points or bottlenecks. Are there repetitive tasks that eat up valuable time? Are there areas where communication or clarity is lacking? Pinpointing these pain points will help you prioritize areas for automation.

Here's us:

Dental Employee Onboarding: Day 1

  • Full Office Tour - Wastes time on first day; could build into pre-first-day onboarding.
  • Our Handbook and Guidlines - Clarity. Folks don't read the handbook and the OM is too short on time to host this 1:1 handbook reading. Create a short key-policies video.
  • Intro to Your Role & Key Co-staff - New employee has only met hiring staff so far. Problem: not everyone is in on each new person's first day. Employee specifically needs a mentor of their same new role to give a Role Walkthrough.
  • Key Processes. and Expectations - Morning huddle expectations? A breakdown of vendors the new employee will interact with? Be creative here and think of the "insiders notes" for the role that will help new dental employees onboard quicker, feel natural to their role sooner, and produce ROI faster.

TIP: We've realized from our notes here that all 4 of these can happen before the new employee's first day. (day zero!)

We'll be thinking about this in our new automated dental onboarding Learning Track!

Wait— sidebar— what's a Learning Track?

Dental Employee Onboarding Learning Tracks


A "Learning Track" refers to a pre-made sequence of courses to help employees learn a specific set of skills or knowledge.

Learning tracks are used dental Learning Management Systems (LMS) to organize and deliver training content effectively.

By following a learning track, employees can track their progress, stay motivated, and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Learning tracks are particularly beneficial for dental organizations seeking to standardize training programs, ensure consistency across learners, and measure learning outcomes effectively.


Streamline Your Content.

Review your onboarding materials and training content to ensure they are clear, concise, and up to date. Streamline your content to focus on the essentials and eliminate any unnecessary information or jargon. This will make the Dental Employee Onboarding process more efficient and effective for new hires.


Choose the Right LMS

When selecting an LMS for automating your onboarding process, choose one that aligns with your goals and needs. Look for features such as customizable workflows, automated notifications, scalability, user-friendliness, and customer support.

Done Desk LMS

Automate Your Dental Employee Onboarding

Built for Multi-Locations & Scalability

Customizable Learning Tracks

HUGE pre-made course library

Automated training reminders & notifications

Admin Analytics Dashboard


Customize Your Dental Employee Onboarding Plan.

Tailor your onboarding plan to meet the specific needs and preferences of your dental practice. Customize the onboarding process for different roles or departments, and incorporate interactive elements to keep new hires engaged and excited.

We're thinking about:

Employee Onboarding: Day Zero

  • Full Office Tour - will need one video of each location
  • Our Handbook and Guidlines - let's do a quick handbook update and make sure we're ready to go
  • Intro to Your Role & Key Co-staff - this will also be location-dependent and role-dependent
  • Key Processes. and Expectations - break this down per-location as well. Think about the main differences in processes per location

So, we've identified that we be starting with Employee Onboarding: Day 0 Location A.

We'll think about locations B and C next.


Provide Ongoing Support.

Don't leave new hires hanging after their first learning track! Provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the onboarding process, and beyond. Offer resources, training materials, and opportunities for feedback to help new employees succeed in their roles.

Now let's think Dental Employee Onboarding Day 1!


Track Your Progress.

Finally, track your progress and measure the effectiveness of your automated Dental Employee Onboarding process. Monitor key metrics such as onboarding time, employee satisfaction, and retention rates to gauge the success of your efforts. Use this data to identify areas for improvement and refine your onboarding strategy over time!

Feeling inspired?

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Done Desk Key Features:

Built-in LMS

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Done Desk Key Features

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