Fingerprints and the Dental Board of California Dental License Renewal


When your license is up for renewal, you now may be required to submit fingerprints to the Dental Board of California!

General Rules Regarding Fingerprints and the Dental Board of California Dental License Renewal

This requirement applies to licensees for whom no fingerprint record exists in the Board’s BreEZe system.

You'll receive a notice from the Board approximately 90 days before your license expires if you must get fingerprinted.

Since January 1, 2023, the BreEZe system has been flagging licensee accounts for which there is no fingerprint record. Fingerprint records may be absent from BreEZe for several reasons:

• The licensee was never fingerprinted by the Board. Fingerprints submitted to other governmental agencies are not shared with the Board.

• The licensee was fingerprinted, but the fingerprint record was not linked correctly to the licensee’s account in BreEZe. In this case, the fingerprint record becomes unavailable after 180 days because the Board may not retain fingerprint records for Non-licensees.

• If the board or its designee asks a licensee to provide criminal history information, a licensee shall respond to that request within 30 days. The licensee shall make available all documents and other records requested and shall respond with accurate information.

To submit fingerprints and renew your license, have your fingerprints taken electronically at a Live Scan service location and transmitted to the California Department of Justice (DOJ).

The DOJ will send the Live Scan report to the Board, usually within seven days.

You must retain, for at least three years from the renewal date, either a receipt showing the electronic transmission his or her fingerprints to the Department of Justice or a receipt evidencing that the licensee’s fingerprints were taken. Failure to furnish a full set of fingerprints to the Department of Justice as required by this section on or before the date required for renewal of a license is grounds for discipline by the Board. 

Download the Live Scan form for your license type, complete it, and take it to a Live Scan location. The Live Scan location will charge a fee. If you are located outside of California, you will need to submit fingerprint cards.

To download a Live Scan form and for more information, visit

If you have additional questions about Fingerprints and the Dental Board of California Dental License Renewal, or to request fingerprint cards, please contact the Board Staff at or (916) 263-2300

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