Radiation Safety In A Medical Office

8 Things You Need To Have For Radiation Safety In A Medical Office

What Is Dental Radiation Safety Certification?

Radiation safety certifications in a medical office include learning and applying the safe use of radiologic equipment like X-ray machines for imaging teeth. If an employee is exposed to radiation, each employer has the duty to monitor their employees’ total exposure to ensure that the dose limits are not exceeded.

Did you know Eugène-Melchior Péligot was the first person to isolate the radioactive metal were in 1896? Uranium was used primarily as a colorant for ceramic glazes and for tinting in early photography in its early days — we now know that it’s pretty dangerous stuff. Here are 9 Things You Need To Have In Your Radiation Binder and office to keep your people safe!

Your Manufacturer’s Instructions For Proper Operation And Maintenance Procedures.

Specific operating and emergency procedures including testing of safety features and interlocks should be posted in your radiation-producing equipment area, and all personnel shall be familiar with and comply with these instructions.

Staff Members’ Radiation Safety Course Certificates From Your State Dental Board.

Under the Radiologic Technology Act, Radiation Safety Course Certificates are required for physicians, technologists, and technicians who use x-ray machines and radioactive materials on human beings.  Certificates are required for your people who use radiopharmaceuticals for medical and therapeutic purposes.

New Employee Training Checklist

New employees must be trained in the following areas:

1. Trained in all radiographic procedures performed in the practice.

2. Review of the Radiation Biology section.

3. Review of the Radiation Safety Manual.

4. Review of the developing procedures and densitometry testing (Film).

5. Review of software and hardware procedures (Digital).

6. Review of the emergency operating procedures for the x-ray equipment 

Your Up-To-Date Radiation Postings

Your Radiation Postings will be labeled on the door, work area, and storage areas.

Laboratory Wipe Tests

  • Fill out form RS-8

Form 8-R requests information about the applicant that can be used to assess the applicant's fitness to engage in business as a derivatives professional. Form 8-R is a Commission form administered and used by NFA. 

  • Draw a map of your XRAY space
  • Take wipes of surfaces (10 cm2) throughout the lab
  • Run wipes monthly for possible contamination
  • Document all information on form and place in your Radiation Safety Binder

Exposure Documentation

Radioactivity is measured in Roentgens — a unit of ionizing radiation.

You need to measure what is emitted from the Charge produced in the air from ionization by gamma and x-rays.

  Dosage and dosimetry are measured and reported in “rems” for Federal and State regulations.

You have to fall under the Annual Radiation Exposure Limits:

Occupationally Exposed Workers Limits:

rem mrem          

Whole body 5 5000

Eye 15 15,000

Shallow 50 50,000

Minor 0.5 500


Worker   0.5 500

Radiation Dosimeters Or Badges

Your people who are “likely” to exceed 10% of their annual limit are required to wear the Radiation Badge, as well as Minors and Declared-Pregnant Workers.

Your Annual X-ray Audit 

The Radiation Safety Officer must complete an annual X-ray audit of all radiographic procedures used, review all documentation pertaining to radiography in the manual, identify and document any remedial actions needed along with the date(s) the remediations were completed. Documentation of all annual audits must be kept in the Radiation Safety Manual from the date of the last inspection by the Department of Health until the completion of the next inspection by the Department of Health.

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