Human Resources Software For Medical Teams

What Is Human Resources Software For Medical Teams and Why Do You Need It?

Your HR’s compliance tasks are the key to allowing your team to accomplish more with less effort — but if your human resources department runs on manual, paper-based processes, you’re likely not going to recruit – or retain – the physicians, nurses, and medical or dental staff you want. Compliance can slip through the cracks and things quickly get disorganized.

Whether you have 5 employees or 50, managing HR tasks is time-consuming. That’s where HR software for compliance can help.

What Is Human Resources Software For Medical Teams?

While there are a few ​​HR softwares dedicated to helping medical and dental practices on the market, staying compliant while improving employee performance are the top focus you’ll want to look for when making your choice. 

Exceptional HR is vital to the success of your practice, but great HR can only happen when you’re free to focus on your people. An uncomplicated, all-in-one medical HR practice platform can be hard to find these days.

So, Why Do You Need A Medical HR Platform?

Office compliance, employee training, onboarding, CE document tracking, automating compliance and training programs, and effective HR operations are just a few things your human resources department manages. Between hiring, onboarding, scheduling, benefits and compliance, there are dozens of responsibilities to navigate.

With suitable HR software, every single HR operation from onboarding to offboarding can be simplified and automated. The healthcare industry, which is highly regulated, presents several challenges to its HR professionals — like employee turnover, learning and development opportunities, ensuring compliance, and enhancing employee experiences.

The majority of healthcare professionals do an enormous amount of work; they also do incredibly stress-inducing work. By implementing new HR technologies, stress on both healthcare HR professionals and employees can be reduced.

Where Else Does HR Software Help?

Most people within a medical or dental organization will interact with HR software at some point during their careers. In leading practices in the US, lots of people across many specializations use data from their HR systems to improve their employee experiences.

Making sure your practice is complying with regulations at the state and federal level has long been the responsibility of human resources — and that job is only expanding in scope. HR must now account for HR compliance violations borne of everything from cybersecurity breaches to entirely new work models and changes to labor laws brought on as a result of the pandemic.

A 2020 Sierra-Cedar survey reported that 69% of HR organizations with a high rate of success are using their HR systems to monitor compliance needs, and use their HR systems to monitor and report on compliance.

What Makes Done Desk Different?

Done Desk was built after working with hundreds of medical entrepreneurs and their teams. We keep you efficient with employee files, timekeeping, onboarding, and an array of compliance regulations. 

Done Desk allows you to focus your time on the most important part of your role… leading your people!

We’re an active healthcare learning platform hosted by experts in practice management, OSHA and HIPAA employee training and compliance, risk management, and teams’ development. From compliance training programs, BLS, and licenses to onboarding, managing your human capital, and automating your compliance tasks — knowing you are compliant means running your business worry-free. Done Desk provides expert resources and training to help you establish, and maintain your COVID-19 compliance disciplines. CDC guidelines, OSHA, HIPAA, infection control, and employee awareness. We help you train your people, keep them trained, and organize your training records.

Investing in 10 minutes for a demo can save you hours in lost productivity! Reach out today — we’re excited to hear from you!

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