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Risk Management Practices for Dental and Medical Offices.

This is an overview course on the essential risk management process for dental and medical offices. We discuss the process to implement a risk management framework, how your risk management process impacts your employees, and the responsibilities of the practice owner in maintaining momentum once your risk management program is in place.
  • Learning Points:

    • Best practices in implementing a clinical risk management framework
    • Employee involvement in your clinical risk management strategy
    • Managing patient expectations and preventing dissatisfaction
    • Preparing for adverse events and responding to error in your practice
    • Developing your defense against malpractice claims and board actions

OSHA Compliance for Medical and Dental Practices

OSHA compliance for dental and medical practices is required of all medical practices. The process of OSHA compliance involves leadership, process, execution, and discipline. In this training, we discuss the process of OSHA compliance standards and how to implement a compliance program within your medical practice.
  • Learning Points:

    • What OSHA standards apply to dental and medical practices?
    • How to implement the OSHA standards.
    • How to maintain the OSHA standards within your practice.
    • The role of the practice owner or office manager in OSHA compliance.
    • OSHA Respiratory Protection Program, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, OSHA Hazard Communication Standard

HIPAA Compliance For Dental and Medical Offices

The process of HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity for dental and medical practices involves continued discipline and employee training. Practice leadership is responsible for securing patient protected health information and implementing safeguards. Practice HIPAA safeguards take the form of administrative, technical, and physical safeguards that each practice must tailor to their practice’s risk.
  • Learning Points:

    • What HIPAA policies and procedures must you implement?
    • What is cybersecurity and why is it important?
    • How to be in compliance with HIPAA laws for dental and medical practices.
    • Understanding the HIPAA risk assessment process and the Security Risk Assessment.
    • HIPAA training requirements for employees in dental and medical practices.

COVID-19 Compliance and Best Practices for Dental and Medical Practices

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Virus) has impacted the global medical community in many ways. To protect employees and patients from the global virus pandemic, dental and medical practices are required to implement COVIS-19 safety protocols. Many of the best practices and requirements are derived from guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, OSHA, State Health Departments, and State Dental Boards. This course is designed to help practice administrators develop compliance programs that address this emerging risk.
  • Learning points

    • What are the sources of COVID-19 compliance best practices?
    • A review of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relevant Web pages
    • A review of relevant OSHA Web Pages and best practices for COVID-19 employee protections
    • How to implement COVID-19 best practices within your dental and medical clinic.

Infection Control for Dental and Medical Offices

This overview course discusses the basics of infection control for dental and medical practices. Infection control best practices are set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and monitored by state and federal agencies such as your state board of dental examiners, NIOSH, and OSHA. We provide guidance on the basic expectations of safe care, how to implement infection control protocols in your practice, and the responsibility of the practice owner in maintaining your infection control protocols.
  • Learning Points:

    • What are the infection control best practices?
    • Explain the basic expectations of safe care for medical and dental practices
    • Outline infection control policies and procedures you should consider
    • How to complete an infection control audit of your practice

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