Dental Student Guide: Employment Contract Thoughts

Now’s the time of year dental students across the country are looking for employment and with that comes dentist employment contracts. You’re also probably looking into dental malpractice insurance In this student guide we discuss my observations on employment and insurance contracts. If you have specific questions you can reach out to me and we’ll be glad to help!

Here’s a few things I want you to think about when it comes to evaluating dentist employment contracts:

  1. Hire an attorney
  2. Employers have attorneys who are looking out for their best interests. You need one too.
  3. Hire an attorney who will look out for your best interests- SPEND THE MONEY
  4. Avoid “free legal advice” from dentists—they will not represent you in a dispute or be held professionally liable for bad advice.

Watch our Youtube video on the top 10 mistakes dentists make with employment contracts.

Insurance contracts- Specifically Malpractice and Disability contracts

  • The insurance company accept the risk in exchange for premium.
  • The time to find out what’s in your insurance policy is not when you need it most.
  • When researching your insurance policy- Start with the exclusions.
  • Understand the insurance terms and how/when the policy will pay.
  • The paper is only as good as the company providing the contract.
  • Trust and understanding should drive your relationship with your agent NOT PRICE.
  • Get an advisor that will work for you— not their sales goals. Don’t accept high pressure.

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Cary Smith, CPHRM is the CEO and founder of Done Desk, Dentist Secure, and Dentist Secure Labs. His companies provide amazing solutions that manage risk to your people, practice, and patients.

Cary is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management from the American Hospital Association and the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management.  His experience includes leadership roles in HR and recruiting for fortune 500 companies like Motorola, The Hartford, and CIGNA. Cary has trained thousands of medical professionals, provides keynote lectures to local and state dental societies, and works with medical entrepreneurs to address risk within the practice.

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