Field Note: Are employees killing your brand?

In this Field Note, I discuss several recent events where employees are undermining the dental practice’s brand and the doctor’s reputation.

  • Employees behavior can and does impact the patient’s perception of the practice.
  • Are you investing more in postcards than you are in employee development?
  • Are you having conversations with your staff on your vision of your patient’s experience?

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Cary Smith, CPHRM is the CEO and founder of Done Desk, Dentist Secure, and Dentist Secure Labs. His companies provide amazing solutions that manage risk to your people, practice, and patients.

Cary is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management from the American Hospital Association and the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management.  His experience includes leadership roles in HR and recruiting for fortune 500 companies like Motorola, The Hartford, and CIGNA. Cary has trained thousands of medical professionals, provides keynote lectures to local and state dental societies, and works with medical entrepreneurs to address risk within the practice.

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