What is the current CDC recommendation for wearing a mask indoors?

Last updated April 5th, 2022

According to the resource, the CDC on Feb. 25 revised its mask recommendations, indicating that indoor masks are no longer necessary for most individuals in areas with low COVID-19 community levels. It recommended that communities should take into account three different metrics — new COVID-19 hospitalizations, hospital capacity and new COVID-19 cases — to determine its risk level and masking guidance. Regardless of a dental practice’s choice in public areas, strict COVID-19 PPE and protocols must still be followed during all exams and procedures.

How should I communicate about masking in public areas in my practice to my patients?

Last updated April 5th, 2022

It is critical that physicians help patients understand their risks for transmission through clear and simple communication that is firmly rooted in science.

  • Avoid judgmental tone: When addressing mask wear in the exam room, ask in a nonjudgmental fashion.
  • Make masking up the norm: Leading by example is the best way to encourage anyone to do anything.
  • Turn to the data: Physicians can rely on the mounting evidence showing how effective masks can be in preventing transmission.

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